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Fishing Information 


Salmon (Ocean Fishing)


Salmon Fishing in Vancouver is available year round with a variety of season's and species.



Winter Fishing (November -March):


During the winter months we are able to target feeder chinook salmon (5-20lbs). These smaller red springs are some of the best eating fish on the planet! On most full day trips (8 hours) we are able to drop traps for dungeness crabs and spot prawns as well.


Spring Fishing (April - June):


Spring salmon fishing is one of our favourite times of the year. Starting early April the first of the migratory chinook show up (10-25lb range) and provide for some of the best days of angling throughout the year. We recommend 10 hour trips to the gulf islands (about an hour run) during this season as it provides ample opportunities for multiple hookups and an opportunity to fish for Ling Cod after May 1st.


Summer Fishing (July - August)


Summer brings a variety of salmon to our local waters (migratory and local fish) with multiple fishing locations within 15-45 minutes from home. Chinook (10-30lbs) and Coho salmon are available throughout July and August.


During odd years (2019, 2021, etc.) Pink salmon return to our local waters from late July - September.


Sockeye Salmon are present from August - September and retention is subject to Department of Fisheries openings.


Fall Fishing (September - October)


The Fall fishery spends our time targeting fish returning to the Fraser and Capilano rivers. Typically we are fishing close to home targeting Coho and Chinook salmon with the biggest fish of the year caught during this time.


The following trips are available for Salmon:


5 Hour Trips (Half Day) are available during select summer / fall months when fishing is close to home.


8 Hour Trips are perfect for those looking to spend the day on the water and give opportunities for us to travel a little further to the best fishing grounds (Recommended).


10 Hour Trips for the serious angler allow us to fish 2 tides and multiple species with the best catch opportunity.




River Fishing for Salmon


Interested in targeting salmon on the rivers? We have ample fly and gear fishing opportunities available during the fall months for a variety of species (subject to openings for retention). We fish the Fraser River, Stave River, Vedder/Chilliwack River, and Harrison River.


During August and September we are targeting Chinook salmon on the Fraser River and tributaries (subject to openings).


Coho are targeted starting late September through November.


For the months of October and November we are able to target chum salmon (8-20lbs) with high catch rates. These fish are aggressive and make for a fun day of fishing and some excellent canning / smoking!


During odd years Pink Salmon make an excellent fishery for family's looking to get into some light tackle salmon action.


Our Fall salmon river fishing trips are offered in 6, 8, or 10 hour trips.




Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River is nothing short of World Class. Our personal record is 11'3" with several other river monsters over 10 feet being landed. We are able to offer sturgeon trips year round with several peak seasons found throughout the year. We fish from Vancouver - Hope to suit our clients needs and find the best fishing opportunity.


The spring fishery (March- May) marks the first big feed of the year when sturgeon become active. The fish target returning eulachons and we can have some amazing days with lots of fish being landed.


The Summer Fishery begins in July and marks the return of the big ones. They will migrate back to the river and become more active searching for fresh salmon to eat!


Come August - November we are in "Prime Time". As the various runs of salmon are now in the Fraser River sturgeon begin to feed heavily with many double digit days and big fish being caught throughout this time of year.


We offer 6, 8, or 10 hour trips for sturgeon.


8 Hour trips are the most common and recommended as it gives us ample time to move around and get a chance at a big fish. All of our 8 hour and 10 hour trips have had a 100% success rate in the past!


Wilderness Adventures


The Upper Pitt River is our local gem. The boat launch is an hour from Vancouver and the river is accessed by a 40 minute boat ride through Pitt Lake (the largest tidal lake on earth). It is truly an urban paradise surrounded by lush rainforest, a variety of wildlife, and glacier fed waterways! Due to the shallow and unpredictable water only experienced jet boat operators will travel this far making it receive little angler pressure throughout the year. The river is full of classic runs perfect for single or double handed fly angler and those wishing to toss spinners and spoons.


The season starts at the end of  May with the arrival of the sea-run bull trout (up to 15 lbs) which are present throughout the summer months and provide one of the worlds best angling experiences. Following the bull trout are the Chinook (off - limits to sport fishers) and Sockeye in July and August. The Pitt Sockeye are considered to be some of the largest on average and make for a wild fight!


In September the trout are present to feed on salmon eggs and flesh providing some awesome angling opportunities for resident bull trout, cutthroat trout, and rainbow trout.


The last run of the year is the Coho in October. This fishery is truly amazing with many bright fish and bent rods throughout the month.


This river and its various fisheries are truly one of a kind and can put a check mark on most anglers bucket list!


Corporate Trips


We specialize in planning corporate / team building events. There's no better way to show your thanks than by spending a day out of the office and on the water.


Our corporate trips are ideal for:

  • Entertaining company executives

  • Strengthening business relationships

  • Maintaining client and employee loyalties

  • Company derbies

  • Team Building

  • Corporate functions and fun networking

Best of All:


We are located only 1 hour from Vancouver and will create a fun, memorable, and rewarding experience that will have everyone wanting to come back!

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